Soliloquy for Two
  • 1.
    Astor Piazzolla - Violentango
  • 2.
    Giovanni Sollima - Spasimo Fragments II
  • 3.
    Nino Rota - La chioccia
  • 4.
    Pedro Iturralde - Suite Hellenique
  • 5.
    Jean Matitia - The Devil's Rag
desert sketches
  • 1.
    Paul Creston - Sonata op.19 I.With Vigor
  • 2.
    Paul Creston - Sonata op.19 III.With Gaiety
  • 3.
    Jacques Ibert - Histoire II. Le petit ane blanc
  • 4.
    Wijnand van Klaveren - III. Rondeau a la francaise
  • 5.
    Robert Muczynski - Sonata op.29 II. Allegro energico
  • 6.
    Nino Rota (C.Ceschini) - Felliniana

- 1st Prize “Premio Città di Padova”

- 2nd Prize “Premio Internazionale di Musica Gaetano Zinetti”


The Duo Granato is an eclectic chamber music group consisting of Cristian Battaglioli (saxophone) and Marco Rinaudo (piano). Together the two artists have been able to approach the chamber music repertoire for saxophone and piano with an accurate research on timbre and sound quality, finding a new balance between the two instruments. The musicians have been focusing on the blending of sounds that is possible between the very special harmonic range of both instruments.


The repertoire of the ensemble consists of music from all over the world from composers like Desenclos, Creston, Muczynski, Hindemith, Yoshimatsu, Maslanka, Albright and many more that have written original works for saxophone and piano. Also transcriptions are often played for a concert experience that convince any audience.


In 2015 the Duo won the first prize at the International Music Competition Città di Padova. As part of the same competition, the Duo was awarded the Premio Città di Padova, being the first Italian ensemble to receive this recognition.


In 2016 the group won the second prize at the Premio Internazionale Gaetano Zinetti (Sanguinetto – Verona, Italy) in the ensemble category.


In 2016 the Duo is admitted to the semi-finals of Boulder Chamber Music Competition in Boulder (Colorado – USA).

The duo participated in other national and international competitions. In particular, in 2015 the Duo won first prize at the National Competition G.Rospigliosi of Lamporecchio (Italy) and in 2016 the first prize at the National Competition Città di Piove di Sacco (Italy).


The esemble has played for many festivals all over Italy, like Accademia Discanto, WAM Festival Mozart, Agimus Padova, Classic and More, SaxArts Festival, Museo di Palazzo Reale Genova, Alpen Classica Festival and many more.


The Duo released its first CD Desert Sketches in 2015, recording music of Creston, Ibert, Van Klaveren, Muczynski and Rota-Ceschini, which was presented on the Radio channel RAI Radio 2 by Paolo Mazzuccato. At the moment they are working on a new record which will contain music by Sollima, Piazzolla, Rota and many more.

Cristian Battaglioli

Born in 1990, Cristian Battaglioli has graduated cum laude and special mention from the “F.A. Bonporti” Conservatory of Trento (Italy) and cum laude from the “Piccinni” Conservatory of Bari under the guidance of Dr. Marco Albonetti.


He had the possibility to attend masterclasses with: Branford Marsalis, Arno Bornkamp, Pekka Savijoki, Carrie Koffman, John Sampen, Russell Peterson, Lutz Koppetsch, Federico Mondelci and many more.


Cristian is the winner of several competitions such as “Premio Città di Padova” (Padova, Italy), “Giulio Rospigliosi” (Lamporecchio, Italy), “Città di Piove di Sacco” (Piove di Sacco, Italy), “Città di Barletta” (Barletta, Italy), “P. Argento” (Gioia del Colle, Italy), “Prima la musica” (Hall in Tirol, Austria) and was awarded the special price “Claudio Ceschini” for his “pure and rare sound”.


Prizewinner at the “Premio Claudio Abbado” 2015, five times he was given a scholarship at the “International Saxophone Festival SaxArts” of Faenza.


He has performed with orchestras such as the “Petruzzelli Orchestra” of Bari, “I Pomeriggi Musicali” of Milan and the “Haydn Orchester von Bozen und Trient”. He has worked with conductors such as Daniele Rustioni, Titus Engl, Jonathan Webb and Jean Deroyer.


Cristian had the possibility to perform on stage in different chamber music settings with world-renowned saxophonists such as Branford Marsalis, Federico Mondelci and Russell Peterson.


Cristian Battaglioli has played in cities such as: Milan (Teatro dal Verme; Duomo), Bari (La Vallisa; Teatro Petruzzelli), Venezia (Palazzo Albrizzi), Padova (Palazzo Zacco Armeni), Bolzano, Trento, Rovereto, Vilnius, Riva del Garda, Fasano and many more. In 2013 he has had an exchange semester at the “Fontys Conservatory” of Tilburg with Ties Mellema.

Marco Rinaudo

Marco Rinaudo was born in 1983 in Trento, where he graduated in piano with distinction at the Conservatory F. A. Bonporti under with Prof. Mariarosa Corbolini. At the same conservatory Marco received the master title with highest marks.


He attended the International Academy TEMA in Milan for the contemporary chamber music course with Prof. Antonio Ballista, which he graduated with 100/100.


He has participated in numerous national and international competitions such as "Città di Albenga" (Albenga, Italy), "Città di Cesenatico" (Cesenatico, Italy) and "Giulio Rospigliosi" (Lamporecchio, Italy) both as a soloist and in chamber music settings.


With the Duo Granato he won the international prize "Premio Città di Padova" as first Italian chamber music ensemble, the second prize in the category chamber music at the "International Competition G.Zinetti" in Sanguinetto (VR) and was qualified as semi-finalist in the "Boulder International Chamber Music Competition "in Boulder (Colorado - USA).


Marco was very much involved in further education and participated in masterclasses with pianists such as M. Damerini, J. Achùcarro, L. De Barberiis, N.P. Masi, B.Lupo, F.Scala, L.Margarius, A.Cohen.

His concert activity is very intense and varied. Already during his studies, Marco won a competition to play as a soloist with the Haydn Orchestra the 1st concerto of S. Prokoview and Salvatore Sciarrino wrote for him a cadenza for the Piano Concerto K 491 of Mozart, which he performed as a soloist.


In addition to his concert career, Marco is an accompanist and regularly works at the Conservatory of Trento and Bolzano.


He played for various concert events such as Sala Aperta, Invito all'Ascolto, Concerti della Domenica, Festival Musica 900, PergineSpettacoloAperto, Mondi Sonori, Trento Estate, Estate in Musica, Classic and More, Forum Musik di Caldaro and many more, and with the duo Granato Marco performed in many Italian cities such as Venice, Padua, Genoa, Rovereto, Trento, Bolzano and many others.

Soliloquy for Two
  • Nino rota: Cinque Pezzi Facili

  • Giovanni Sollima: Spasimo Fragments II

  • Pedro Iturralde: Suite Hellenique

  • Astor Piazzolla: Meditango, Violentango

  • Jean Matitia: Devil's Rag

Desert Sketches
  • Jacques Ibert: Histoires

  • Robert Muczynski: Sonata op. 29

  • Paul Creston: Sonata op. 19

  • Wijnand van Klaveren: Sonate à la maniere de Francis Poulenc

  • Nino Rota - Claudio Ceschini: Felliniana

  • David Maslanka: Sonata, “I. Moderate”

  • Paul Hindemith: Sonate

  • Erwin Schulhoff: Hot Sonate

  • William Albright: Sonata, “La follia Nuova, a lament for George Cacioppo”

  • Giovanni Sollima: Spasimo Fragments

Soliloquy for Two - CD Presentation
MetròRec - Riva del Garda
"La Follia Nuova" opening concert!
Chiesa Evangelica di Bolzano
Guerra e Pace: volti contrastanti
Sala Filarmonica di Rovereto
Soliloquy for Two - Agimus Lombardia
Como, Villa Carlotta
Soliloquy for Two - Musica in Salotto
Maria Heim, Bolzano
Today's newspaper Trentino. Settenovecento. Incontri musicali a Rovereto!! 27.04.2018 in the Sala Filarmonica di Rovereto. Great pic by Dylan Kier
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Ecco le bellissime foto che il nostro amico Dylan Kier ci ha fatto durante la presentazione di "Soliloquy for Two" nella splendida cornice del Metroart Centro Artistico allestito per l'occasione dal mitico Marco Sirio Pivetti di Metrò Rec! Check out the new beaty Yamaha C5X! Grazie alle tante persone per il sostegno ed il calore!
Grazie a Il Dolomiti per lo splendido articolo! a domani!
Soliloquy for Two CD Presentation Concert. We are waiting for you! Good music and Craftbeer By Birrificio Rethia. Thanks to Marco Sirio Pivetti and Metroart Centro Artistico for location and recording.
Soliloquy for Two CD Presentation Concert. We are waiting for you! Good music and Craftbeer By Birrificio Rethia. Thanks to Marco Sirio Pivetti and Metroart Centro Artistico for location and recording.
Cruising around!! Vi aspettiamo il 24 marzo!!!
Soliloquy for Two CD Presentation Concert. We are waiting for you! Good music and Craftbeer By Birrificio Rethia. Thanks to Marco Sirio Pivetti and Metroart Centro Artistico for location and recording.
Hi all! Our cd Desert Sketches is available online here! Soon also Soliloquy for Two will be available in all digital stores.
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